Booking a stay at Villa Casa Vista is simple and you can save money by booking with me directly, rather than through one of my villa letting listings.


Booking terms and conditions


Change-over day is flexible except in peak season and can be negotiated with the owner.


Bookings are subject to an initial deposit of 25% of the full cost, with the remaining balance due to be paid 6 weeks prior to departure.


Payment may be made using either a cheque or bank transfer. You will receive email confirmation from the owner and payment details will be sent directly to you after your booking enquiry has been made.


Once a deposit has been paid, a contract will be in force. Late payments will result in cancellation of your arranged booking and loss of deposit.


The cost of the electricity to heat both the swimming pool and jacuzzi is the responsibility oof the client.


A maid service is included in the rental cost and they will tidy up and change the linen and towels on a weekly basis.




0 – 14 days before departure – Full holiday cost payable by client.


15 – 28 days before departure – 75% of total cost payable by client.


29 – 42 days before departure – 50% of total cost payable by client.


A cancellation with a notice period of 43 days or more will result in a loss of deposit.




The Villa is insured for third party liability, however tenants are recommended to take out full holiday insurance, including medical cover.




In the unlikely event that there should be a safety concern, the owners cannot accept any liability for circumstances arising out of their control and the owners will not be responsible for any accident that occurs on the property. Please be considerate and aware of potential safety risks to yourself and your party.


Villa Casa Vista spans three storeys and features numerous steps, ornamental walls, a swimming pool and Jacuzzi. Therefore this villa is not suitable for unsupervised young children and those with a significant disability.


Breakages and damages


Should there be any breakages or malfunctions, these can be easily reported to the house manager so that they can be dealt with and fixed as soon as possible. We are very reasonable with general “wear and tear” breakages, but we do encourage you to make us aware of any issues you may come across.


For any further detail on any of the issues written here, please feel free to ask me a question, leaving details of your enquiry and I will get back to you right away.

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